Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hope & Healing with a Purple Heart

Have you ever 'avoided' a friend or family member because you just didn't know what to say or were worried you would say the 'wrong' thing?
Hide a Heart has made it easier for you. If you know someone facing a health, relationship crisis or other challenging circumstance, believe me, he/she will appreciate the gift of a Hide a Heart 'Hope & Healing' glass heart to Acknowledge Courage When Facing Life-Challenging Experience and you won't have to worry about finding the 'right' words...the purple heart speaks volumes!

See you next time with more Hide a Heart ideas!
©Copyright 2009 Cathy Bowles


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Rosellen called me tonight all excited to tell me that she received the Hide-A-Heart yesterday (I think). We put the check to you in the mail this morning, so you should have it by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
    She was so happy with her purple heart that she talked about sending for one to give a friend who is ill with cancer. This is how your new business will get off the ground!
    Take care,
    Sent by email and posted by Cathy

  2. What a sweet idea! I love "Hide a Heart"!! It is the perfect way to say I love you without saying it! If you are ever lost and feeling lonely, finding a heart where you least expect it can surely make you or your loved one smile and know you are loved. I like to leave notes in places you might not expect them and this is a pefect way to pass the love on!
    I also love the website rollovers with the little heart cluster explosions! Super cute!!
    - christina

  3. I just want to let you know that this is a gift for someone who is visually impaired. When I saw it online, it hit me that this might be just the thing for her, as it involves other senses. There doesn't seem
    to be a lot of gifts out there for folks with visual impairments who are hospitalized. This really looks like a good option.
    > Thanks again for the prompt service and a wonderful idea!
    > Becky Blosser
    > Winchester, VA
    Posted by MCatherine by permission