Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Boomer' Relationship Boost!

Attention Boomers!

Whether you are in a newly formed relationship or been in a long-lived one, keep in mind every relationship can use a little 'relationship rejuvenation' once in a while.
We all get a little 'lazy' with this stuff. I don't know why...we're pretty good during the 'fresh bloom' of a relationship, but as the years pass, there seems to be a tendency to over-look the simple, easy ways to fan. Flowers, candy, notes, hugs, kisses on the back of the neck, holding hands, sharing a cup of coffee/tea or glass of wine while watching the sun rise or set among others are good little practices to RE-IMPLEMENT if you have let them go for a while. FYI: I can make a longer list for you if you ask me! or YOU can submit your suggestion list in the comment area! Here's simple but sweet way to boost your relationship meter to the positive. On your next vacation, tuck a Hide a Heart in the suitcase or pocket or shaving kit or make-up bag of the traveling companion you LOVE to surprise him/her! Then trade off hiding it from one another during the trip! It's fun! It's romantic! It's Eco-friendly because you only have to buy it once and then reuse again and again! HINT: Then REUSE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN when you get back to 'keep the home fires blazing'...well, at least lighted!

See you next time with more Hide a Heart™ ideas!

© Copyright 2009 Cathy Bowles

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  1. Lovely idea - I think it might be eco-friendly - but the only echo may be the "I Love You" from your partner!