Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Life As Art

I once read that a girl has grown into her 'authentic' self around the age of ten. Then, with the desire to be popular among her peer, she begins to manipulate herself to fit the vision of the observer.

I had a wee different experience in that I was my most authentic self until reaching age 23, but then shifting to meet the vision of my husband's expectation, I began to play the role of 'executive wife', then mother and business woman.

I was able to hold on to certain aspects of my 'authentic' self through sheer will-power and determination but certainly great chunks of
ME the ARTIST seemed to be set aside for too long. 

I have decided it is time to return those chunks back into play. To help me get started, I spent a remarkable 4 hours with my friend Laurie of Capella Memoirs and the experience was freeing and electrifying! 

One of the discoveries I made in the process is that the chunks I thought I had so carefully set aside had not been 'out of play' after all!

FYI: It is NO accident that I have chosen to use blue font----blue is the color of POSSIBILITY. I invite you to visit Hide A Heart's blog to read more about My Life As Art.


  1. The journey is never over when your heart can still see your vision. Lovely, Catherine. Be Blessed.

  2. What a lovely and Inspiring story Thank you for sharing this with us. We use those hidden talents and strengths all through our lives.. I will be reading "My Life as and Art"..